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Digital Commons helps your institution illuminate the full spectrum of outputs produced by your faculty members, students and staff. It offers four core modules that you can operate separately, or combine to optimize your institution’s impact, whatever its size, type or mission.

Together, these feature-rich modules ensure that your institution can save, share, showcase, publish and promote your research, scholarship and collections.

Marie O’Neill, Head of Enhancement, CCT College Dublin, Ireland | Elsevier

Although we are small, we are passionate about participating nationally and internationally – Digital Commons gives us that connectivity and has become a much-loved platform in the college.

—Marie O’Neill, Head of Enhancement, CCT College Dublin, Ireland

The Digital Commons Suite

Comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your needs

Begin your journey with Digital Commons by choosing the module, or modules, that best suit your requirements. As your institution’s needs evolve, you can change or add modules with ease. Whatever combination you select, the modules work together seamlessly to increase the visibility and discoverability of your institution’s outputs, building your global reputation.


Highlight faculty publications with Digital Commons

The Digital Commons Institutional Repository helps you showcase your researchers’ published and pre-published works.

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Manage research data with Digital Commons Data

Digital Commons Data helps you drive forward your research data management (RDM) program, with specialized tools to store, manage, curate, share and preserve data.

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Elevate diamond open access journals with Digital Commons Journals

With Digital Commons Journals you can launch or develop an open access (OA) journal publishing program that showcases your institution’s research and drives readership, downloads and citations.

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Curate digital scholarship with Digital Commons Exhibits

With Digital Commons Exhibits you can create online exhibits of research projects and portfolios of work that highlight key moments of your institution’s scholarship.

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Use Digital Commons with Expert Gallery Suite

Expert Gallery Suite complements the Digital Commons platform by helping you showcase your people’s expertise and enhance your institution’s reputation. It also makes it easy to connect top faculty with funding and media opportunities that too often get missed.

Why a flexible, modular solution

While our IR module has the power to host a wide array of content types, the past 20 years have seen new types of assets emerge and rise in importance. For example:

  • OA journals have increased by 5,000 percent
  • The number of images has risen by 1,500 percent
  • Videos have grown by 8,000 percent
  • Special collections have increased by 600 percent

By offering Digital Commons as a series of modules, we can ensure that each one is optimized to store, preserve and promote the content it is designed to support.

Ready to find out more?

Talk with us about what you’re working on. We’ll help you explore how the Digital Commons suite can increase the impact of your institution’s research and scholarship.

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