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The studys primary goal is to analyze the connection between SCM practices and organizational performance, and it also aims to evaluate the moderating role of management type. Quantitative data collected from Jordans hotel and restaurant workers via questionnaire. Structural equation modeling is used to examine the hypothesized relationships. Organizational Performance is positively impacted by effective information sharing. Information Quality (IQ) positively affects Organizational Performance (OP), and Strategic Supplier Partnerships (SSP) play a crucial role. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) had no discernible effect on OP, according to the study. OP is positively impacted by Postponement (POS) techniques. When implemented, postponement increases the efficiency of the supply chain and the happiness of guests. Type of Managements moderating effect is investigated. It moderates the effects of Strategic Supplier Partnerships (SSP), Information Quality (IQ), Customer link (CR), and Postponement (POS) on Organizational Performance (OP) but has no effect on the link between Information Sharing (IS) and Organizational Performance (OP). The success of Jordans hotel sector relies in part on how well its supply chain is managed. Insights from this research can help those working in the hotel industry improve supply chain operations and efficiency. Improving guest experiences and being competitive in Jordans fast-paced hospitality industry may be driven through bolstering cooperation, creating strategic partnerships, and investing in information quality.

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