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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 17 > No. 5


Smart Home Page Dynamic Widgets

PP: 1105-1127
R Thillaikkarasi, R A Sankaran, R Divya, R Vimali,
We present a widgetizing methodology meant to guide developers on how to redesign classical (single-user) Web applications as widget-based collaborative Web applications. The methodology eases the implementation efforts in widget developer communities, helping them to create relevant models of widgetized applications. Furthermore, it guides to achieve interoperability and rapid prototyping. The first evaluation results showed that the methodology and a related widgetizing editor can be successfully used to design and specify such widget applications. As such, they pave the way to a new approach in designing and implementing applications for various communities that can effortless benefit from features such as real-time collaboration, state preservation, awareness using cutting edge protocols such as XMPP or WebRTC. We wish to implement a widgetizing editor with full support for communities of developers and end-users, where widgets and microservices can be modeled collaboratively, in order to generate collaborative Web applications that benefit of the principles already exposed in this work. For this purpose, we want to integrate the widgetizing editor with our existing SyncMeta real-time modeling framework and enhance the resulted system with code generation capabilities.

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