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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 18 > No. 1


A Decentralized cloud storage approach using Blockchain

PP: 1-8
D MuthuSankar, M Krishnamoorthi, T Pradheega, A Mynthankumar,
The increasing adoption of cloud storage services has led to a growing need for secure and decentralized storage solutions. Blockchain technology offers a potential solution by enabling the creation of decentralized and distributed storage systems. This paper, we developed a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage system that utilizes a distributed network of nodes to store and manage data. Our system incorporates advanced encryption techniques to ensure data privacy and security, and utilizes smart contract technology to enable secure and transparent sharing of data. Additionally, our system utilizes a novel consensus mechanism that ensures the integrity and availability of stored data. We evaluate the performance of our proposed system through simulations and demonstrate its effectiveness in providing secure and decentralized cloud storage.

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