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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 17 > No. 5


Vibration And Noise Analysis In Bio Fueled IC Engine Using Piezo Electric Transducer

PP: 925-947
M Ravi, R Anbu Kathir, K Nandhini, P Yogeshwaran,
Longitudinal and torsional vibration are main parts of internal combustion engine. These vibrations should be reduce the performance of the engine and breakdown in some forms. This is a paper that investigates the analyzing of vibration in engine and behavior of the engine under various loads at different blending ratios of the bio fuel. The tests were conducted on the engine based on two categories vibration and noise analysis. The vibration Analysis are tested with piezo electric transducers to measure vibration from the engine and noises are reduced by the Fourier transformation by identifying the high pitch noises and their causes. Overall vibration of the engine consists of vibrational components due to combustion as well as other external vibrations caused by combustion by combustion effect. The experiments have done on various blending ratios such as B10, B20, B30. The noise and the vibration analysis are carried on the engine for every blending ratios.

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