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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 17 > No. 5


Develop Traffic Information System Based On The Iot

PP: 960-969
D Anitha, V Vinith Kumar, R Harish, A Surya, S Kavin Kishore,
In contrast to IoT, this focuses on data, devices, and connectivity, big data analytics aids in the analysis of a vast amount of data. In the Internet of Things(IoT), physical objects are connected to the Internet to build smart systems and make it possible for everyone to have mobile access ,like the Intelligent Transportation System(ITS). As a result, working strategies shift as a result of the importance that transportation infrastructure plays in the majority of metropolitan cities. The city becomes a smart city as a result of these changes, which are necessary while maintaining a number of essential aspects. The urban population density rises dramatically as a result of industrial facilities, IT parks, and other related factors. As a result, urban traffic congestions are exacerbated by an increase in the number of automobiles used for commuting. The current road infrastructure cannot accommodate the rapidly increasing number of automobiles on the road. One of the significant frame works for versatility is traffic light administration. Currently, the conventional signal-control method fails to manage time to a greater extent. Utilizing the Internet of Things(IoT), which was made possible by incorporating a number of sensors into the microcontroller, is proposed here as a modern solution. The proposed solution shave positive effects on delays, fuel consumption, energy waste, and vehicle pollution. A prototype model that was designed specifically for public and emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire brigades, was presented in order to demonstrate the proposed method's validity. As a result, an IoT-based traffic system that is completely automated and intelligent is developed and proposed in this paper.

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