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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 17 > No. 5


Creating Discussion Forum For Maintaining Relationship Between Universities And Their Alumni Using Machine Learning Algorithm

PP: 735-744
R Kavishree, Sudha K, Vepula Jaya krishna yadav, Valluru Preethika, Madala Vinay, Rudrapati Vishnu Vardhan,
Web Based Student Career Guidance is very important to our Educational System. Owing to the need to have all the Alumni must be connected to the Institute, resulted in sharing their experiences, views, ideas, guidance, motivations and strategies. Discussion forum is a tool on the internet where people can exchange their ideas and opinions about any valuable topics. The online discussion forum is used for students learning purposes. Learning through online forums is an important learning strategy for students to improve their skills. The information technology becomes a good toll in connecting alumni and universities. The information technology today is not only used by the company alone, but many universities are using this method. The text based one-way discussion is used to support the professional development of universities and students. Applications of good discussion forum will produce the good information for the universities and students. This portal highlights the feature of communication, which will enable the current students to have an interaction with the alumni of the college for getting various updates on current industry trends, Internship opportunity, career guidance and various things in the corporate world. In this paper have three actors namely admin, student, and company. They all are connected in one application. Here alumni to help students for hiring process. Students can apply for interview based on their qualification. Company should verify the student’s resume and set the automatic email sender so the system can send notification using machine learning algorithm through email. Here admin can maintain and monitoring overall database into the system. Students can get useful information, upgrade their knowledge and career guidance.

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