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Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 17 > No. 5


A QOS Promotion In Energy-Efficient Datacenters Through Peak Load Scheduling

PP: 813-824
M Arul Sankar, N Logeshwari, K Radha S Raju
Virtual Machines (VMs) in Cloud systems are scheduled to hosts based on their instant resource consumption (e.g., hosts with the greatest accessible RAM), rather than their overall and long-term utilization. Furthermore, the scheduling and placement operations are often computationally intensive and have an impact on the performance of deployed VMs. In this paper, we provide a Cloud VM scheduling method that considers existing VM resource consumption over time by assessing previous VM utilization levels in order to schedule VMs while maximizing performance using the PSO technique. Because Cloud management activities such as VM placement have an impact on previously deployed systems, the goal is to minimize such performance deterioration. Furthermore, because overcrowded VMs tend to grab resources from neighboring VMs, the task enhances the VMs true CPU consumption. The results reveal that our method refines traditional Instant-based physical machine selection as it learns and adapts to system behavior over time.

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