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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 17 > No. 5


Psychology Chatbot Providing Online Emotional Support To Human

PP: 1140-1149
V Ramesh, Dharun, G Karthi, M Kavin,
Chat bots are gradually becoming more sophisticated as they are now adapting to new AI features with ease. We can also expect them for recognizing user intent efficiently, decode mood of end users instantly, and then drive flow of conversations in tune with end user’s emotions. Also, sentiment analysis is one of such features that make bots even powerful in terms of understanding emotions in end user messages. In fact, 65% of businesses believe that the chat bots could help them providing more customized support experiences for their users. We can always leverage chat bot sentiment analysis feature for easily knowing if users are having a good experience with chat bots. This is how AI - powered bots help us engage users better and improve experience with our brand. Sentiment analysis is a sub field in machine-learning (ML) and natural-language-processing (NLP) that help chat bots determine emotions from the textual data. It’s one of the important chat bot features that are used to analyze end user data using mining opinions, thoughts, or sentiments. In this study project, a chat bot is developed as the academic assistant for institutions./td>

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