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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 18 > No. 1


An Efficient Ciphertext Index Retrieval Scheme Based On Edge Computing Framework

PP: 28-31
KC Mohanraj, S Pujita, KC Mohanraj, R Prakash,
As cloud computing grows, data owners are being asked to move their complex data management systems from localized locations to commercial public clouds for more flexibility and financial benefits. However, sensitive data must be encrypted before being outsourced in order to protect privacy, making plaintext keyword search a dated method of data utilization. Consequently, it is essential to build an encrypted cloud data search service. The search service must be able to handle multi-keyword searches and result similarity ranking due to the large number of users and documents using cloud data in order to maximize data retrieval. Research on searchable encryption frequently focus on searches with a single term or Boolean keyword, with limited attempts to distinguish the search results. In this study, we for the first time identify and address the tough problem of privacy-preserving multi-keyword ranking ontology keyword mapping and search over encrypted cloud data (BKCM). We have set up strict privacy standards that must be followed for such a safe cloud data utilization system to be implemented. As many matches as possible, or the effective principle of "Boolean keyword coordinate matching" is what we use to determine how comparable the search query and the data documents are. In order to formally codify this idea for evaluating similarity, we also use "inner product similarity" We start by introducing a basic secure inner product computing-based BKCM system.

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